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Mama Gena's

Pleasure Coaching

Create a thriving and passion filled business guiding women to reclaim their pleasure and power.

The Program Runs From

September 10, 2024 to March 28, 2025

In the past 25 years, I have built an empire, started a movement, and changed hundreds of thousands of lives – all while earning an abundant living. And now, I’m here to teach you everything I know and everything I’ve learned about profiting from pleasure.

To show you that it is possible to stand fully in your feminine brilliance.

To have a job you love AND the life you always dreamed of without having to choose between the two.

This is a rare invitation to go behind the curtain of my career. To learn from me – not just as a sensual coach and pleasure expert – but as an entrepreneur and head of my own multi-million dollar business.

My team and I have fielded countless requests for a teacher training program in our decades serving women.

But it wasn’t until 2023 that I finally realized the next phase of my mission: to spread this legacy beyond the classroom by empowering women to teach my work and touch more lives than I, alone, am capable of touching.


And let me tell you, last year’s inaugural class exceeded every expectation. It blew my mind and my heart wide open.


Passing the torch to this small but mighty group of grads has been the privilege of a lifetime. I’ve watched them grow, and expand, and take the world by storm.


And now it’s your turn – to master the tools, and experience the magic of Pleasure Coaching in your own life.

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The Pleasure Coaching Tri-Certification is unlike anything else in its field.

It will give you the tools and training to build a successful career from the ground up. In the span of six months you will be well on your way to launching your own practice, attracting the perfect clients, and charging your worth for a job you genuinely love doing.

Imagine with me

For a moment...


Waking up in the morning filled with excitement

for a career fueled by your passion, pleasure and deepest desires, in which you are counted on for your unique voice and perspectives. Where you are in a position of highest service, not only to your community – your friends, family, and loved ones – but to the world as a whole.


Feeling lit up, confident, and stone-cold certain

of your gifts as a coach, while you go toe-to-toe with a woman who has yet to glimpse the broader vision for herself. Holding open the portal to her desires in ways she has only dreamed of so far.


Generating a sustainable revenue stream

that supports your current lifestyle and allows for financial abundance. Whether you’re making this your main gig or simply supplementing your existing income, you will have the capacity and energetic overflow to grow your business and expand your reach.


Exploring new parts of the world

without putting your business and livelihood on hold. Enjoying the ultimate perks of a flexible schedule, and the geographic freedom to work and change lives from anywhere on earth. Whether it’s the jungles of Costa Rica, or a coffee shop down the street…you can switch up the scenery as often as you please!


Our Pleasure Coaching curriculum includes three distinct tiers: Personal Mastery, One-on-One Coaching, and Group Facilitation. This allows each and every student the freedom to leverage their education in diverse and meaningful ways beyond the classroom. You’ll emerge with the versatility to apply your skills in any area that most interests you – whether that’s on a personal or community level, with private clients, in small or large groups, or all of the above.


Structuring the course this way also provides a roadmap for future expansion. You can start small and intimate, and gradually scale your business. Or hit the ground running as a facilitator, while coaching private clients on the side. Being triple-certified offers you a wealth of options for personal and professional growth. Your practice will evolve as you evolve – changing to fit the size and shape of your desires.


In just 6-Months

You'll be certified in...

Personal Mastery

The first thing you’ll be certified in is Personal Mastery, and for very good reason.
We start from within – healing ancestral wounds, banishing shame from our vocabularies, and eradicating deep-seated insecurities around sensuality and self-worth. Learning the language of the feminine is a deeply reclaimative experience. It is eye-opening, paradigm-shifting, emotionally-charged work. And it will teach you how to navigate every area of your life from an empowered and turned on place. Personal Mastery delivers a lifetime’s worth of wisdom in just four weeks. You will leave resilient in the face of rupture, and ready to follow your calling.

One-on-One Coaching

Learn how to handle any client in a private, one-on-one context.
This is where you’ll become intimately connected with a woman’s storyline – surveying the landscape of her desires, pain-points, ruptures, and stumbling blocks. By employing the right questions, prompts, and targeted tools, you’ll peel back the layers of where she is at to create space for forward momentum. You will be able to read her body language like a pro, sense her energetic highs and lows, and intuit her needs as they arise. You will address and ameliorate a broad spectrum of issues women commonly face, including burnout, numbness, lack of worthiness and sensual connection, alienation, extreme self-doubt, and the many ways that internalized shame, oppression, and trauma show up in the body and in our behaviors.

Group Facilitation

Ready to expand your reach?
Having the skills to coach multiple clients in a group setting is incredibly useful and will serve you no matter what the size of your practice. The more visibility and transparency we’re willing to model, the better and more effective our coaching becomes. This is a crash-course in being seen at the most visceral level. It’s an opportunity to deepen your impact in the world exponentially. You will master the art of making women feel recognized and gotten, even in a room full of fellow participants. The key is knowing whose voices to highlight, whose storylines will pop, and which narrative threads will elevate the group as a whole. You’ll graduate from this course with the prowess and presence to rock a stadium-sized classroom if you so desire, and still leave every woman in attendance with a personalized and deeply intimate experience.

And here’s the don’t have to know how you will apply these newfound skills just yet. That’s what we’re here to figure out.

You might use them to foster community and deepen your social ties – facilitating sisterhood circles and hosting events at the local level. You might weave them into your existing career or double your income with a second, more passion-driven side job – integrating pussy and pleasure into all your professional ventures. You might build your own business empire from scratch (we’ll help!) – taking on private clients or leading workshops that reach women on a global scale.

Or you might, dare I say, do ALL of the above?

With the Pleasure Coaching Tri-Certification you don’t have to choose.
You don’t have to narrow your vision, or limit your mission.
You can mix, and match, and make it your own.

With the Pleasure Coaching Tri-Certification you don’t have to choose. You don’t have to narrow your vision, or limit your mission. You can mix, and match, and make it your own.

Join Vylana in healing your sisterhood wounds and stepping fully into your feminine potential

“I feel confident and empowered to be able to guide and lead from a place of authentic truth. Because this whole journey has been me being in my own reclamation … so this has given me all the tools that I need to literally live my purpose. And I’ve never felt, you know, I’ve never felt more alive. I’ve never felt more passionate.”

– Vylana M.

Here is my promise to you

By the end of our six months, you will be a triple-certified Pleasure Coach with the skills and training to…

This is your invitation to be of highest service to the planet.

To cultivate a career that fills your emotional, spiritual, and financial cup to full brim.


If you got butterflies as you envisioned what the future might look like on the other side of these six transformational months…then stop scrolling now and click below to submit your application!

The Program

At a Glance

This is 6 months of embodied, hands-on, experiential training with Mama Gena and her team – expect to be transformed.

You will spend half the year in a tight-knit container of women, cultivating a deep and lasting connection with your womanhood. And you will emerge from that highly-supportive cocoon with an unflappable sense of self, a global network of sisters, and the tools to create your own pleasure empire – whatever that looks like for you!



Delivery Method:

Virtual Training delivered via Zoom

Course Dates:

September 10, 2024 – March 28, 2025

Live Call Schedule

Weekly Live call w/ mama gena

Tuesdays Noon – 1:30 pm ET

Ask questions and get direct feedback on how to coach with confidence and turn-on.

Weekly Practicum Calls

Wednesdays NOON – 1:00 pm ET

A Master Pleasure Coach will guide you to practice specific tools and techniques with other amazing women in the course. 

 Small-Group Sister Goddess Practice Pods

various times

Hone your leadership and facilitation skills inside a smaller, more intimate group of kick-ass women who will be with you throughout the certification journey.

Building Your Business Bonus


For eight weeks, you will have the opportunity to jump on a live session with Kerry – our resident marketing maven – and have all your burning business questions answered as you move through the process of establishing a robust online presence.

Course Features

Pleasure Coaching Online Training

Your online training includes access to a series of high-resolution, pre-recorded video lessons featuring Mama Gena, in which she breaks down each tool and technique, and offers you insights designed to deepen your learning in the course. This is super-hot content to watch between calls, and to look back on whenever you need a curriculum refresh.

Targeted homework assignments, collaborative group projects, and a practicum that will prepare you for life beyond the classroom

This is not your average curriculum, sister. The assignments and exercises offered are intentionally designed to press your edges and push you beyond your comfort zone. The best things live on the other side of fear, and you’re going to reach for them through dedicated and consistent practice. On a weekly basis, expect journaling exercises, pussy rituals, outrageous prompts, and inroads to sensual expansion. And, as we near the three-month mark, expect to put your coaching skills to the test with trial sessions, practice scenarios, and your first paying clients.

A robust community at your fingertips

It takes a village to raise a child, and birthing a new business is no different! As part of our Tri-Certification you’ll have 24/7 access to a thriving community of women. You’ll be able to communicate with your fellow coaches-in-training, practice the tools, receive answers to time-sensitive questions, and feel supported and held between live sessions.

Student Portal & Coaching Resource Vault

We will be providing you with a dedicated platform on which to review recorded modules, and submit, track, and locate all your coursework with ease. This includes a coaching vault to arm you with even more business-building resources, including contract templates, sample waivers & intake forms, and supplemental reading materials to round out your education and coaching practice.

Want to experience financial freedom? Listen to what Meg made possible with her Pleasure Coaching Certification:

I brag that after going through this program, a year and a half later, my business is making 75K in revenue a month, instead of … 30K a year. So do I have any regrets? Absolutely not. Have I loved every moment? Yes. Do I want to be with Regena forever? Yes!”

– Meg W.

Are you ready to change lives like this, too?

Curriculum Overview

This groundbreaking curriculum is organized into five foundational parts, and 21 easy-to-follow modules.

Pre-Season Magic

Part One

Laying the groundwork for a successful journey

We want you to arrive on the first day of class ready to squeeze every drop out of our next six months together. And to help you feel turned-on, prepped, and fully present, we’ll be giving you some pre-season assignments. We want you to be super familiar with our Womanly Arts – the eight essential principles that inform much of Regena’s work and mission. Along with a detailed syllabus, a few orientation modules, and some light reading, you’ll be at a fabulous place to hit the ground running in Personal Mastery.

Part two

Personal Mastery

Own and embody the tools you will one day teach.

Personal mastery is where our journey officially begins. Why? Because you can’t support others in this work until you’ve mastered the core technology in a visceral way. You have to live and breathe these principles before holding space for your clients to do the same. We’ll spend an entire month focusing on YOU – assessing the landscape of your current circumstances and overcoming any barriers in the way of your potential. You will fall in love with yourself over and over again – cultivating new facets of your identity, taking up needed space, building confidence, boundary-holding like a badass, and asking for what you authentically need. You have to walk before you can run, and that’s why we begin with the babiest of baby steps, and work our way up to bigger, bolder expressions of your power.

One-on-One Coaching & Coaching foundations

Part Three

Apply our unique model and methodologies in a 1:1 setting

Once you feel fluent in the overarching concepts, we’ll introduce you to the Cycle of Desire and a four-part coaching framework that will allow you to deliver life-changing results to your future clients. As you continue to bolster your own understanding, you’ll begin to examine the impact of this work on other women – learning how and when to use each tool in your magnificent tool-kit to guide a client toward their desired outcomes. You will pinpoint and hone your unique leadership style, decide how you want to show up as a mentor, and become skilled in anticipating your coachees’ needs in real time.

Part Four

Group Facilitation & Presentation Skills

Master your craft in large groups, and prepare for maximum visibility

The beauty of this certification lies in its versatility. We give you the building blocks to be effective in any setting, big or small. Whether that means going deep with a handful of individual clients, orchestrating a broader network of sisterhood circles, or hosting large-scale workshops for dozens (even hundreds) of women. This isn’t about ‘performance’ per say, it’s about reading and wrangling a room full of divergent personalities, with equally divergent life paths, pain-points, and desires. You will learn how to incite dialogue, how to speak eloquently about your mission (on stage, in interviews, you name it!), and how to keep your audience engaged and in their bodies from start to finish.

Build your empire

Part Five

Learn how to brand yourself and attract the right clients

The very last piece of the Pleasure Coaching puzzle is launching your practice in a functional way. This is the stage where we walk you through seductive sales tactics, and the how-to’s of building a brand. Not sure how to articulate your value to prospective buyers? We’ve got you covered. Curious what to charge for your services, or how to create compelling coaching packages? Say no more. You will learn tips, tricks, and time-honored techniques to market yourself and stand out inside a competitive industry. You’ll be able to coach in any setting, support your community and friends, create a full-time, part-time, or side business that pays the bills, or all of the above! This is the place where pleasure meets profit – where you get to put on your entrepreneurial cap and have fun doing it!

Your Investment

Option ONe

Pay in Full


Bonus Icon

Option Two

Payment  Plan


$3K down + $1,550 per month for 10 months

Access to four pre-season group coaching calls with Mama Gena to lay the groundwork for what lies ahead.

Who is this Tri-Certification for?

Here’s the truth:

There is no such thing as a “perfect” Pleasure Coaching candidate.


It doesn’t require a special degree or some elite set of credentials.


It just boils down to a single qualifying feature.


Ready for it?

You have to want to make it work. That’s it. Plain and simple.

You can find success inside this program as…

  • A thriving coach with a well-established practice
    An aspiring coach who feels the goddess whispering in her ear to take this chance
    An educator, activist, therapist, teacher, healer, or social worker — anyone with an appetite for leadership and a desire to see women thrive
    A long-time SWA graduate, devotee, and tool Queen
    A total newbie with zero Mama Gena experience

You could be in transition, between gigs, and barely making ends meet.


Or so deeply in love with your current job, that you want to double-down on your talents, grow your client base, and expand your earning potential with brand new tools.

Wherever you are coming from — if you show up with your desire intact — I promise, this curriculum will take you absolutely everywhere you want to go!

Who won’t find success here?

Anyone who doesn’t believe in the power of pleasure to change lives, or doesn’t feel aligned with guiding other women to embrace this way of living and being in the world.


That’s it.


Your desire is the most crucial factor in your success.


Below – and scattered throughout this page – you’ll meet a few of my favorite Pleasure Coaching graduates. You’ll notice that their ages, backgrounds, and life stages all differ, but they have one important thing in common. Each of these women had a desire and said yes to it.


Which is precisely what makes a successful Pleasure Coach: her fierce desire, coupled with her yes.

Don't believe me?

Let my grads do the talking!

Becoming a Pleasure Coach changed Carmine’s life. Can it change yours, too?

“This has changed my work, my life, … how I dance in my own ecstasy. That is the truth. It’s not a sound bite that I’m giving. It is [the] actual truth. I am so grateful. … I am so much more empowered now. The way people are responding is different. The way people are signing up for me is different. The way I gather people is different. And just what is coming out of my mouth is so much more empowering and more truthful. People are clamoring.”

– Carmine H.

This program will prepare you to coach amazing women, like Chandita, and create the sisterhood and community they crave:

The most delightful and unique aspect of this program is the sisterhood, the all-encompassing sisterhood that I never felt with women before. … Regina to me is an embodiment of so much power, so much grace, so much beauty, so much feminine, and so much of all the 88 keys that she gives permission to anyone who is in her field. What I would say to women who have not heard about this work … is JOIN. Do it! Because there are pearls within you that need to be excavated.”

– Chandita C.

Program Bonuses



DATES: FEBRUARY 27 – March 3, 2025

It’s been YEARS since we offered in-person programming at the SWA. And while our virtual classrooms have always been life-changing…it’s safe to say that nothing is more potent or powerful than a face-to-face, pussy-to-pussy container. The price of the retreat is included in your tuition if you choose to attend. All students are responsible for independently booking their travel and accommodations, and
covering any associated costs.

WHAT you’ll get out of it

As part of this Tri-Certification, we’re giving each of our coaching students a rare chance to experience full-body transformation in an intimate and close-knit setting. There will be orgasmic practices to help you unlock your sensual and sexual sovereignty. Opportunities to deepen your learning, and test out your coaching skills with fellow attendees. And, of course, the brilliance of being taught by Mama Gena LIVE and in the flesh.


Details are still being finalized, but you can expect three whole days of sisterhood, connection, orgasmic practices, and experiential learning in a sunny locale. The cost to participate in daily programming will be included in your tuition for the Tri-Certification, so all that’s left to handle are travel-related expenses like flights and accommodations.


Business BONUS

Because we want your focus to be on the fundamentals of coaching, we’re going to make the logistics of building a business and attracting clients that much easier…


As part of the Tri-Certification experience, you’ll be given the opportunity to have a custom one-page website or opt-in page 100% created FOR you by a dedicated team of professionals

What exactly does this mean?

My team and I will not only give you all the training and mentorship you need to write and source images for your new website or landing page, but we will also build the page and email funnel for you so it’s up, running, and ready to send to prospective clients.

You’ll get TO OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD either:

A free one-page website:

This is the best option for those who are starting from scratch with their vision. As any successful entrepreneur knows, having an established web presence is the first step to attracting and enrolling the right clients. Rather than go it alone, our marketing pros will create a gorgeous, highly-customizable site on your behalf, using copy and images that reflect who you are as a leader.

An opt-in page & lead magnet

For those who have an existing practice, this option will help you magnify your impact, increase your client base, and conjure financial abundance. You will receive the training and templates to create an effective and results-driven sales funnel with an opt-in page to advertise your next offering, event, or add-on with ease. Creating fresh content is critical to keeping your audience engaged, while expanding your reach in this industry. All you have to do is provide the specifics, and we’ll handle the rest!

During the Building your Empire section of the course, Kerry Morse – our resident marketing maven – will guide you in launching your business with your choice of a one-page website to showcase your services, or an opt-in page and sales funnel to advertise your next offering, event, or add-on.


You will have the opportunity to jump on six live sessions and have all your burning questions answered as you move through the process of establishing a robust online presence.


Master Coach Steph will also be there to reinforce sisterhood, keep you in your body, and help you integrate all your learning as a budding entrepreneur!

What exactly does this mean?

Haven’t met me yet?

Hi, there. I’m Regena…

(Also known as Mama Gena) and as a teacher, creatrix, and CEO, I have spent the past 25 years in a living laboratory of women.

From small-group workshops in my living room to sold-out conference halls all over Manhattan, I have coached countless clients toward their deepest and most urgent desires.


More often than not, women walk into my classrooms convinced they will never have X,Y, or Z – a partner, a profession, a home they love – and walk out with all of the above and more.


I’ve watched my students leave dead-end jobs, and launch new, fulfilling careers. Or exit marriages with integrity and call in their legendary loves.


But results of this magnitude don’t come from efforting, self-sacrifice, late nights, or long hours. No blood, sweat, or tears, here. (Well, maybe a few cathartic tears.)


My graduates get exactly where they want to go by investing in their womanhood.


By employing tools and practices that put them back in touch with their bodies, their pussies, and their ancestral power.

Have questions?

We’ve got answers!

As with any training, the results you experience in our Pleasure Coaching Tri-Certification will depend on your level of participation and commitment throughout. When you choose to pour your whole self in – to show up vulnerably and practice consistently for all six months – transformation is more than possible. We see it year after year: students reclaiming their sovereignty and living fuller lives. And, as a certified Pleasure Coach, you have the potential to earn six figures (or much more) annually as you grow your business and expand your client base.

A turned-on woman is a woman in her highest power. When you learn to connect with your source energy, you are in flow. When you are in flow, your ability to ask for what you want, stand for your value, and live your vision is exponentially expanded. That’s what makes our coaching approach so radical. It all boils down to your fulfillment as a woman first.


From attracting the right clients, to increasing your profit margin – what you make possible and how you expand is up to you. But rest-assured, during our six months together you’ll be given the tools and training to craft a completely new career as a Pleasure Coach – to start fresh, expand your existing practice, or some delicious combination of the two.


You will also be armed with the entrepreneurial expertise to break sacred ground in this industry and beyond. We will provide marketing guidance, sales techniques, and every template and framework you need to launch a successful business even before graduation day.


Bottom line: You can and should expect tremendous velocity in the professional realm as part of this course.

Those with a passion for personal development, know there is always more to uncover – new tools to learn, angles to explore, and perspectives to try on. The Tri-Certification is a journey into the most fundamental aspects of your feminine power. An opportunity to hone your intuition, express your sensual appetites, eradicate shame from your body’s vocabulary, and then teach others from that embodied and liberated place. To do this work, you have to BE this work, and mastering Mama Gena’s tools will radically shift your relationship to self on a cellular level. You will watch your own life transform, and have a front-row seat for the transformation of your client’s lives, too. This curriculum will take you as deep as you allow it, and the community will support you, nurture you, and hold you accountable along the way.

We have historically been taught to prioritize our partners, kids, families, and bosses over ourselves. Time is scarce as a parent, and sometimes, leaning on self-sacrifice seems easier than letting our loved ones down, or adjusting their expectations. But at the School of Womanly Arts, we work to reverse this people-pleasing paradigm. We teach the sanctity of pleasure, and the necessity of creating the right conditions for it to thrive. You will soon see that it does not require a huge investment of time to connect deeply with yourself, to make sweeping changes in your life and career – all it takes is thoughtfully placed boundaries, and the support to see them through.

As with all of Mama Gena’s classes, the Tri-Certification is a crash course in being witnessed. Throughout our six months together, you will be asked to show up transparently in the company of total strangers. You will be invited to share your truth, your experiences, and your deepest fears. Where else is this skill set more applicable than in relationship to others – romantically, professionally, and beyond? We will teach you to embrace your desires and articulate them to those around you – your friends, family, coworkers, and future clients – with clarity and respect.


As you learn the skills to participate boldly, you will practice using your voice, owning your feminine instrument, and embodying your emotions, which translates to greater confidence in every area. And we all know how sexy confidence is!


On top of that, as we enter into Parts three – five of the program, we’ll focus specifically on public speaking, large-group facilitation, and the basics of building a brand and business. You will become super solid in sales techniques and marketing tactics that translate easily across industries.

“All of my LGBTQIA2S+ sisters are appreciated and embraced at School of Woman. Every woman is welcomed here, honored here, and celebrated here. Gay, lesbian, cis-gendered, queer/questioning, bi-sexual, non-binary, trans, intersex, asexual women – anyone who has felt outsider in terms of her free expression – will find a home inside this classroom. I work to create a safe space for each of my students, where they are free to express and explore every facet of their human experience. 


Masculine and feminine energies are at work in all individuals, in all relationships, and in the world in general. The majority of us have been taught so much about our masculine energies, and very, very little about the feminine, resulting in a challenging imbalance both individually and collectively. My Pleasure Coaching Tri-Certification will rebalance your inner scales.


I will do my best to pay tribute to all the different constructs as I teach. And, for clarity, I will use men and women as reference points. My goal is to allow you to crystallize the differences between masculine and feminine energies, regardless of which bodies they’re showing up in. That way, all of us can begin to truly enjoy the polarity between – and the union of – these two forces in our world.”



And we want to be so clear that the Pleasure Coaching curriculum comes from Mama Gena’s extensive study, research, and experimentation, as understood through her lived experience as a heterosexual-ish, cisgender white woman.


That experience can’t be entirely teased out from the work and it means the School will never, ever claim to be expert in the experience of transgender women (or of non-heterosexual, or gender non-conforming, or racialized women), or that we won’t mess up. Regena is committed to learning. She is committed to holding space for all. She is committed to stoking every self-identifying woman and GNC individual’s desire. She is committed to teaching us how to honor the feminine and in so doing, take our culture higher.

Because so many women have been taught that our bodies – and particularly our sexual anatomy – are objectionable (and often, even, unnameable), an important aspect of the pleasure Coaching curriculum is addressing body-shame. Every student will be challenged to adapt the curriculum to fit her own sense of self but differences in anatomy may be an additional complexity for transgender women.

Regena is a white woman and will never know all of what it means to be a woman of color… and she is the first to admit it. She is on her own anti-racism learning journey (along with all team members at the School of Womanly Arts) because sisterhood requires nothing less.

While Regena is the teacher, sisterhood has no hierarchy. We meet in a metaphorical circle, and every woman’s story and every woman’s experience and every woman’s identity is valued. The Pleasure Coaching classroom is one of the most diverse gatherings of women on earth, and the participants co-create the experience. Imperfect, human, and extraordinary.

Probably the greatest asset in a woman’s life is her community. And most of us lack a true sisterhood, where we can support and be supported in all of our desires and dreams. Where we can show up exactly as we are, and expect to be celebrated right there. Most of us are plain lonely. 


This community will change everything in the way that only true sisterhood and connection can. One of the core strengths of this Tri-Certification is its unique emphasis on transparency, truth-telling, and mutual accountability. You will soon see each other as allies in this process of self-discovery, learning how to support, challenge, and stand for one another in meaningful ways.

We understand that the Tri-Certification is an investment – one that requires planning and conviction. We want every woman who enrolls to feel their full YES before joining us on this journey.


With that in mind, you have the option to pay the investment in full, or to choose the stated payment plan. If you opt for the latter, you’ll make a down payment at the time of registration, and the following month, your first of eight installments will process automatically every 30 days until your balance is paid in full. Payments are accepted in the form of any major credit/debit card. 

You have seven days from the date of registration to get a full refund for whatever you’ve paid. After seven days, your tuition is no longer refundable.

All SWA courses are predicated on the same core themes – women’s empowerment, sensual expression, and no-holds-barred sisterhood. But as a Pleasure Coach, you’ll not only master Mama Gena’s tools, you’ll learn how to market them, monetize them, and make a tremendous impact on the world. 


The Pleasure Coaching Tri-Certification is open to newcomers and grads alike, but the content is far more advanced and multi-faceted than in any of our past offerings. If you’re brand new to this work, the pace might feel quicker…we are going to be rigorous in your feminine education – making sure you have what you need to both experience and deliver unparalleled results.


This is the first and ONLY opportunity to become certified in Regena’s unique coaching method. And in six months time, you will re-enter the world and the workforce – a living, breathing conduit of this work. That means we’ll track your progress closely (a little more closely than usual), and hold you accountable to specific graduation requirements.


Yes, this will be similar to other courses in that we will explore sensuality and ritual, pussy and power, intimacy and self-touch, and commune with our bodies on a regular basis. Those foundational frameworks will never change. 


But we will also address leadership, specifically your leadership, and what that looks like in the real world. Many months of this course will be devoted to presenting, facilitating, and packaging these tools in a professional context – so you can transition seamlessly from student to certified coach by the end of six months.

Unlike other trainings, the Pleasure Coaching Tri-Certification is a 360-degree feminine education that will revolutionize your life as a woman, first. This isn’t just a business preparedness course, or a lecture-based seminar. It is an experiential container in which to work through issues, disrupt unhealthy patterns, and heal internalized shame at a core level. No other curriculum out there is as holistic, or as committed to the personal growth of both coach and client. 


In Part I, we will explore the depths of your sensuality, sexuality, and erotic potential. We will harness the power of your emotional range. And we will elevate your lived experience with pleasure. And it is only AFTER these internal shifts take place, that you will begin your learning journey as a coach and mentor to others. Where else can you tackle your own issues, blocks, and barriers, while helping your clients do the same?


We also pride ourselves on offering three distinct certification tiers, to allow you versatility and freedom in your business. This is not a one-size-fits-all model. It is a fully customizable curriculum that can be scaled to fit your current and ongoing needs, and the needs of the women you will one day serve.

Thanks to virtual platforms like Zoom, Facebook, & AccessAlly Pro, our Pleasure Coaching Tri-certification is a flexible program. With the exception of your weekly live teaching calls led by Mama Gena, and your dedicated Practice Pod with a Master Coach (both of which we recommend attending live), the rest of the course can be tailored to fit your individual needs.


Each of the five parts of our Tri-Certification will include a dedicated series of video modules that can be reviewed on your own time and at your own pace. We will also record every live session – including teaching & practicum calls – so that if you happen to encounter scheduling conflicts or can’t attend in real time, you’ll be able to catch up on any missed content with ease.


With assignments, video modules, and live calls in the mix – and to really get the most out of this container – we estimate spending between 5-10 hours per week on study and participation.

The Pleasure Coaching classroom experience is designed to be both interactive and individual. Mama Gena facilitates each of the live training calls, presenting on a wide range of topics, answering questions, leading exercises, and initiating dialogue – rest assured, you will get a lot of Mama. 


If you’re looking for a strictly one-on-one learning experience, this may not be the right fit. But if your goal is to learn from Mama Gena while connecting deeply with other women, the Tri-Certification offers just that – a community of practice and unparalleled support.

There are a total of 26 live teaching calls with Mama Gena throughout the course. These take place every Tuesday and will include live group coaching, Q&A, demos, and volunteer participation.

The importance of attending all 26 live teaching calls cannot be overstated. We urge you to make the most of your Pleasure Coaching experience by being present each week – even if that means making space in your otherwise busy schedule. We know it’s hard, but it’s so worth it.


Because many of our modules are pre-recorded, you can pick and choose which days, times, and exercises work best for you. All Zoom sessions will be recorded and shared which means you can catch up on anything you missed within 24 hours. And the best part? Evergreen access to those materials is included as part of your enrollment. So you can relax, and take your eyes off the clock – we’ve got you covered for always!

Once you register, you will receive a welcome email within 48 hours, which includes a basic rundown of what you’ll need to participate in the Tri-Certification. In the weeks following, you’ll receive detailed info and instructions on how to access your Student Portal, your private Facebook group, any pre-coursework, and the Zoom link for all of your calls — teaching, Practice Pod, and Practicum.  Not to worry, we’ll set you up for tremendous success well in advance of the course start date. 


If you do not receive your welcome email within three days of registering, please email to let us know, and make sure to include the email address you used to register for the Tri-Certification.

No, this Tri-certification is the only program of its kind and will only be run once per year. If you feel the call, we strongly recommend applying for 2023. To keep in touch and learn about other upcoming classes as they become available, please click HERE to subscribe to Mama Gena’s Newsletter.

You will emerge from our Pleasure Coaching Tri-Certification with renewed confidence, a rich understanding of your own self-worth, specific tools for living your most turned-on life, and a license to teach those tools to others. 


After graduation, you’ll receive ongoing access to relevant class materials and Zoom recordings from our six-month journey together via email, so you can return again and again to bolster your practice.

Join the Certification and live each day as the most lit-up version of yourself, just like Sharon:

I wanted to do the program because I wanted to be officially certified. I wanted to be able to share these practices with my friends, with my clients. And I do that now. And not only that, actually, but I’ve even incorporated them into my keynotes for women virtually and in person around the world. And it brings me, you could just see, it just totally lights me up.”

– Sharon M.

Are you ready to change lives like this, too?

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Learn to inspire and change lives, starting with your own.

I’ve created a coaching program that allows both trainer and trainee to have a healthy, productive, and positive relationship with their femininity.


To embrace their vast emotional range, their sweeping sexual brilliance, their darkness and their light – and get paid for doing it.

If you want to reclaim your time with a career path that sparks joy, that feels easeful, organic, and full of possibility…my Tri-Certification ticks every box.

This ride is about taking risks in the name of pleasure.


It’s about daring to bridge the patriarchal gap between what you love, and what you do for a living, so you can stop juggling plates and start enjoying life on your own terms.

Ready to take the leap?

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