Course Features

Pleasure Coaching Online Training

Your online training includes a vast library of 150+ high-resolution, pre-recorded videos featuring Mama Gena, in which she breaks down each tool and technique, and offers you insights designed to deepen your learning in the course. This is super-hot content to watch between calls, and to look back on whenever you need a curriculum refresh.

Targeted homework assignments, collaborative group projects, and a practicum that will prepare you for life beyond the classroom

This is not your average curriculum, sister. The assignments and exercises offered are intentionally designed to press your edges and push you beyond your comfort zone. The best things live on the other side of fear, and you’re going to reach for them through dedicated and consistent practice. On a weekly basis, expect journaling exercises, pussy rituals, outrageous prompts, and inroads to sensual expansion. And, as we near the three-month mark, expect to put your coaching skills to the test with trial sessions, practice scenarios, and your first paying clients.

A robust community at your fingertips

It takes a village to raise a child, and birthing a new business is no different! As part of our Tri-Certification you’ll have 24/7 access to a private online community on Facebook. You’ll be able to communicate with your fellow coaches-in-training, practice the tools, receive answers to time-sensitive questions, and feel supported and held between live sessions.

Student Portal & Coaching Resource Vault

We will be providing you with a dedicated platform on which to review recorded modules, and submit, track, and locate all your coursework with ease. This includes a coaching vault to arm you with even more business-building templates (like sample contracts, waivers, and intake forms), supplemental reading materials, and helpful frameworks to round out your education and coaching practice


Join us for a LIVE three-day retreat with Mama Gena!

It’s been YEARS since we offered in-person programming at the SWA. And while our virtual classrooms have always been life-changing…it’s safe to say that nothing is more potent or powerful than a face-to-face, pussy-to-pussy container.


So as part of this Tri-Certification, we’re giving each of our coaching students a rare chance to experience full-body transformation in an intimate and close-knit setting. There will be orgasmic practices to help you unlock your sensual and sexual sovereignty. Opportunities to test out your coaching skills with fellow attendees. And, of course, the brilliance of being taught by Mama Gena LIVE and in the flesh.


Details are still being finalized, but you can expect three whole days of sisterhood, connection, orgasmic practices, and experiential learning in a sunny locale somewhere in the US. The cost to participate will be included in your tuition for the Tri-Certification…so all that’s left to handle are travel-related expenses.


This bonus will allow you to strengthen your native understanding of the tools and arts. To practice and play with your fellow attendees. And to learn from Mama Gena at very close range.

A Built-For-You, Custom Website Bonus

Because we want your focus to be on the fundamentals of coaching, we’re going to make the logistics of building a business and attracting clients that much easier…


As part of the Tri-Certification experience, you’ll be given the opportunity to have a custom one-page website or opt-in page 100% created FOR you by a dedicated team of professionals.


What exactly does this mean, Mama?


Well, My team and I will not only give you all the training and mentorship you need to write and source images for your new website or landing page, but we will also build the actual page and email funnel for you so it’s 100% up, running, and ready to send to prospective clients.

You’ll get either:

  • A free one-page website: This is the best option for those who are starting from scratch with their vision. As any successful entrepreneur knows, having an established web presence is the first step to attracting and enrolling the right clients. Rather than go it alone, our marketing pros will create a gorgeous, highly-customizable site on your behalf, using copy and images that reflect who you are as a leader.
  • An opt-in page & lead magnet: For those who have an existing practice, this option will help you magnify your impact, increase your client base, and conjure financial abundance. You will receive the training and templates to create an effective and results-driven sales funnel with an opt-in page to advertise your next offering, event, or add-on with ease. Creating fresh content is critical to keeping your audience engaged, while expanding your reach in this industry. All you have to do is provide the specifics, and we’ll handle the rest!

Here is what Kate had to share about working with Regena as her Pleasure Coach:

“Everything is so much more magnetic! I earn more money. I have a beautiful marriage with a man I never would have been with if it had not been for taking classes at the School of Womanly Arts.”

– Kate N.

Are you ready to change lives like this, too?