Pussy, Power, and Profit with Mama G

How to find the courage to follow your calling and create the life and business you desire.

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"Every time you get into the 'room' with Mama Gena it reminds you of who you are and how abundant and delicious life can be. Through the tools she taught us in her Pussy and Profit workshop, I cleared away the emotional gunk that was weighing me down, then I touched the divine feminine within me and felt lit up even in the midst of overwhelm. She shared juicy details of her story I had never heard anywhere before, which made me want to be outrageously bold and shine my light even brighter. Women everywhere are so put in a box that we hunger to live in our pleasure, and in the connection of sisterhood. When she showed us the path I could follow to bring these experiences to other women and help them live in their fullest radiance, I knew this was my calling and the way we will change our world - I was incredibly inspired and I am ready!"

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